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As we press the restart button of our lives and get back to routine, many things have changed post the pandemic. However, some things remain the same – one of them being the struggles with hair removal. We’re all heading back to work and for those of us who prefer to remove body hair, the perpetual hassles of having to deal with a razor every second day or go through the agonising process of waxing are back. But if, like us, you too desire to keep away from these common hair removal woes, and have given laser hair removal a thought, here’s something that can help – Soprano Titanium by Alma, a laser hair removal system that’s quite effective.

Soprano Titanium is nothing like you’ve known before – different from the traditional laser hair removal systems. It uses a smart, unique and never-used-before SHR technology that is truly groundbreaking. Why? Because it addresses the most common concerns associated with hair removal while overcoming limitations that traditional laser techniques had – think skin tone, hair colour and texture, etc. The sweeping In-motionTM delivery technique of the Soprano Titanium device ensures full coverage by keeping the motions at a standardised pace while the unique feature of gradually heating up the area ensures fewer to zero injuries or discomfort. Alma Laser Soprano Titanium

There’s more to the incredible list of features that this smart and effective device possesses. What makes the hair removal process smooth and swift is the combination of three different laser wavelengths and the special Ice-Plus technology that keeps the skin cool and calm while ensuring the most effective and efficient levels of hair removal. Plus, the best news is that the device allows executing the entire body’s treatment in an hour, courtesy of the extra-large Quattro applicator.

Well, now that you know about this device – that can keep your hair removal pains at bay for the longest time, what are you waiting for? Go explore the smartest technology now!

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