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Ominous horror music plays as you buckle your seat belt. Unbeknownst to you, you’ve just entered a car with one of those horrible, terrible, overpowering gas station air fresheners, and now you must endure the wretched stench until you arrive at your destination.

Don’t subject anyone else to this nightmare. Whether you have pets, kids or just a potent gym bag, it’s natural for your car to get a little funky. To nix any pesky odors and to make sitting in traffic slightly more pleasant, grabbing an air freshener, car diffuser or scented car coaster is the obvious fix. However, as you’ll know if you’ve ever been stuck in a hot car with that “Black Ice” tree, not all car scents are made the same. Car Scent Diffuser

Car Air Fresheners That Aren

To save your nose, we went on a deep dive of car air freshers that come in a variety of scents and styles. While you’re shopping, it may be helpful to know that some states (like California and Pennsylvania) have windshield obstruction laws prohibiting you from hanging things on windshield or being mounted onto your dashboard. But like most niche laws, they’re all different and worded vaguely, so give your state a Google before purchasing a hanging freshener to ensure you’re not violating something by accident.

With this in mind, our list contains a number of non-hanging air fresheners that go on your air vents or in your cup holders to keep your windshield unobstructed. And, because smells are so personal, we also included a bunch of diffusers you add your own scents to, so you don’t have to risk getting a new fresher that you want to immediately throw out the window.

From coconut sticks to macrame diffusers, here are car scents you’ll love having as you drive.

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Car Air Fresheners That Aren

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