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I'll admit I'm quite particular when it comes to clothing in general, but my selectivity peaks when it comes to sweaters. Blame my sensitive skin, but I have no tolerance for anything even remotely itchy, so my sweater criterion is soft fabrics only. In the past when I've ignored the fabric composition or hand feel and purchased a sweater solely based on looks, it ended up sitting in my closet because I didn't actually want to wear it. You know the sweaters I'm talking about—a piece with a thick texture and heavy fabric that looks so chic but feels like you rolled around in hay. 

So after much trial and error (and wasted money), I've accepted the reality that itchy sweaters just aren't for me. Now, I invest only in the softest of soft sweaters each year, and my skin has never been happier. So if you find yourself ignoring anything that isn't a 10/10 comfort level, I'm here to highlight the sweaters that fit that bill. Below are the 30 best soft sweaters for women you'll want to live in until spring.  Female Sweaters

The 30 Best Soft Sweaters for Women | Who What Wear

The perfect turtleneck does exist. 

I wish you could touch this fabric through the screen.

A striped sweater with a twist.

Cashmere is always a good idea. 

You'll feel like you're wearing a blanket. 

For a pop of color. 

The collar detail is so chic. 

This is all I want to wear right now. 

We love a texture moment. 

Cozy doesn't even begin to describe this fabric. 

Talk about a sweater you'll own forever. 

It's a need, not a want. 

You'll live in this one all season. 

Stripes are having a moment right now. 

This will act as the backbone of your winter wardrobe. 

When you're in the mood for color. 

It doesn't get better than a cozy turtleneck. 

There's a reason this one has a cult following. 

I can personally attest to this one's comfort level. 

The 30 Best Soft Sweaters for Women | Who What Wear

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