By Alexa Erickson | Published Aug 24, 2022 2:30 PM

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Harbor Freight Labor Day Sale: Save Up to $100 on Tools and More

Harbor Freight—a tool retailer known for budget-friendly collections—has already announced more than 90 deals to shop ahead of Labor Day. While the store hasn’t officially released a Labor Day-specific ad, the current sales are enough to excite us.

Now through September 15, Harbor Freight is offering customers up to $100 off on a variety of items, including nailers to string trimmers. Don’t miss savings on private labels that are already affordable alternatives to bigger names, such as the $70 discount on this technician tool set that brings it to $1,190 less than a comparable Gearwrench set. Plus, its coupons (good through September 4) take tools and DIY gear like super glue and metal grinding wheels down to $1.

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Harbor Freight Labor Day Sale: Save Up to $100 on Tools and More

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