Germany drops $400 million on additional all-terrain vehicles from BAE

WASHINGTON — The German military tapped a multinational framework contract with BAE Systems to buy 227 more armored, all-terrain vehicles, the vendor said Monday.

The deal, which BAE said is worth roughly $400 million, comes after Germany, Sweden and the U.K. teamed up in December to collectively buy 436 of the company’s BvS10 rides for $760 million — 140 for Germany, 236 for Sweden and 60 Britain. Utility Atv

Germany drops $400 million on additional all-terrain vehicles from BAE

German lawmakers approved $1 billion for new all-terrain vehicles in late March, according to country’s Defence Ministry.

The dual-body, tracked vehicles are designed for harsh conditions, including snow, rocks, sand, mud and steep alpine terrain, according to the manufacturer. They also have some amphibious capabilities that allow them to swim in shallow water.

The new German order covers additional troop transport vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Also on tap are three unspecified German-specific variants, as well as vehicles for command-and-control and logistics, BAE said.

BAE Systems Hägglunds, the company’s Swedish offshoot, makes the BvS10 at its plant in Örnsköldsvik, located on Sweden’s eastern coast. Germany’s order extends deliveries under the December framework agreement — set to start in 2024 — through 2030, according to BAE.

Sweden is the lead nation for the Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle program, under which countries manage their BvS10 fleets. A joint procurement office with representatives from all three nations oversees orders.

The U.S. Army last summer awarded BAE Systems a $278 million contract for Beowulf vehicles, an unprotected version of the BvS10. The service is slated to receive 110 vehicles under its Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle program, which is aimed at facilitating ground operations in Arctic conditions.

Germany drops $400 million on additional all-terrain vehicles from BAE

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