Netherlands-based Teun Zwets is an emerging designer who is known for his work made from residual or waste materials. When Hans Lensvelt, CEO of the furniture label Lensvelt, reached out to the designer to work on a collaboration, the executive had just one requirement – that Zwets create a modular collection that could be produced in a series. The result was Le Petit Boudoir, a colorful collection of ten jewel-colored cabinets, all made from discarded punched metal sheets from Lensvelt’s manufacturing process.

While most designers start their design process by putting pen to paper, Zwets began by making cardboard prototypes. After the patterned cabinets were assembled, they looked like giant jewels when the collection was first presented in a white illuminated box, hence the name Le Petit Boudoir. When you look closely at each piece, you can see the various cut outs and shapes that are a part of Lensvelt’s furniture. Stainless Steel Grating

Discarded Punched Metal Sheets Become Jewel-Like Cabinets

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Discarded Punched Metal Sheets Become Jewel-Like Cabinets

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