now on view at london’s gallery FUMI, british designer max lamb unveils a new collection entitled ‘glulam.’ the pieces are the product of a series of techniques that are simple and direct — cutting, carving, sand casting, molding, and folding. each chair in the assemblage expresses the raw, textural grain of the wood, and is fabricated with a process of lamination that is at once rough and meticulous. the objects stand as a careful composition of geometries. while the ‘glulam pillow sofa’ shows softly rounded corners, the ‘glulam chairs’ show rough-cut volumes, all finished with the highest quality lacquer.

glulam pillow sofa, ‘glulam’ 2021 | images courtesy of gallery FUMI Plywood For Cabinet Doors

max lamb's 'glulam' chairs are compositions of laminated geometries

in presenting ‘glulam’ furniture series at gallery FUMI, artist max lamb comments on the origin of his creative processes. the artist notes that since his childhood spent outdoors in cornwall, he had been handling materials, adventuring, and problem-solving. max lamb insists that he is not a craftsman, but that he is good at making. with this background, his experiences working with a range of materials has led to different collaborations and industries. the gallery notes the spirit of the ‘glulam’ collection: ‘lamb takes seating back to its very essence, mindful of his schoolteacher’s adage that ‘furniture is just an extension of the floor.’ 

on display: gallery FUMI 

max lamb's 'glulam' chairs are compositions of laminated geometries

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