Hydrochloric acid (chemical formula HCl) is also known as muriatic acid and is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride.

Hydrochloric acid is a colourless solution with a distinctive pungent smell and an important laboratory reagent and industrial chemical. It is classified as a strong acid. Xe Gas Xenon

What is hydrochloric acid and what is it used for? | Midrand Reporter

Hydrochloric acid is a vital component of gastric acid in the digestive systems of many animal species, including humans but it is also an important laboratory reagent and industrial chemical.

Historically hydrochloric acid was called ‘spirits of salt’ by European alchemists, a name that is still used today by some.

Hydrochloric acid is typically prepared through a process that involves the dissolving of hydrogen chloride in water. Where large scale production is done, it is typically integrated with an industrial scale production of other chemicals that also includes the chloralkaline process that produces hydroxide, hydrogen and chlorine.

Hydrochloric acid is produced in solutions up to 38%, which is concentration grade although higher concentrations of over 40% are chemically possible. These have an extremely high evaporation rate that requires additional storage and handling precautions.

Since hydrochloric acid can be used in so many ways, hydrochloric acid prices may differ from supplier to supplier.  

  Hydrochloric Acid has several industrial uses, including the following:

  Hydrochloric Acid Uses in Daily Life

The chemical industry in South Africa is widely regarded as the largest of its kind in Africa, with suppliers such as Chemi being a leading company that offers a wide range of chemicals across the country. As one of the leading hydrochloric acid 33% suppliers, Chemi offers competitive hydrochloric acid prices in South Africa.  

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What is hydrochloric acid and what is it used for? | Midrand Reporter

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