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Whether you have an Apple, Samsung or Google mobile device, these companies make the best cases for your smartphone, tablet, AirPods, earbuds and smartwatches.

One of the most overlooked accessory of today’s connected consumers is the case for their very expensive smartphone. You would think this would be as important as the smartphone purchase since it’s the one thing that stands between a working smartphone and a damaged one. And there is nothing worst when it comes time to consider a smartphone case. Whether you are in a Verizon store or looking on Amazon, many are overwhelmed by the size of the selection of cases you can get to protect your smartphone. We decided to help you with your selection by providing you with a list of the best smartphone case manufacturers for you to consider when buying a case for your smartphone. Iphone 12 Screen Glass

Best Cases for Smartphones, Airpods, iPads and Smartwatches - Gearbrain

Here is our list of best smartphone cases for phones made by Apple, Google, Samsung, or any Android mobile device. Also, note that many of these companies also have accessories to help you protect your tablets, earbuds and smartwatches.

Casetify is one of the world's best sellers of smartphone cases on Amazon.GearBrain

Casetify is one of the world’s leading smartphone case brands. It has over 3 million followers on social media and is consider the “world’s most protective phone case brand. They have three types of smartphone cases: EcoShock. Bounce Case and Impact case. The Bounce Case is their newest phone case and the most protective. It has a special design (bounce corners) that can protect your phone if dropped from 13 feet. Bounce cases are for both iPhone and Android devices. The EcoShock is another new case, and it is made of 65% recycled and plant-based materials and is wireless charging and MagSafe compatible. Both cases can help keep your smartphone safe and sound, especially when it falls out of your hands from heights of up to 21.5 feet for Bounce, 11.5 feet for EcoShock and 8.2 feet for Impact cases.

If you have iPhone (14 series, 13 series), Samsung Galaxy (Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, S20, S21, S22 series) and Google Pixel (6 and 7 series), Casetify has a case for you. The cost for a Casetify case is not cheap but you don’t want a cheap case protecting your $400 to $1,000 smartphone. Their cases range from a low of $20 and can go as high as $72 for a custom case What’s nice, you have a big selection of smartphone cases with cool designs including clear cases.

Cases are available on their website as well as Amazon.

Catalyst Total Protection cases help protect your smartphones from accidental drops.GearBrain

Catalyst is another manufacturer of smartphone cases, but they also sell Apple Watch, iPad and AirPods cases. What makes their cases unique is they create iconic products to help people live an active lifestyle. They manufacturer high performance cases which can help protect your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or even your AirPods cases from damage. The company has several lines of cases: Influence, Crux, Impact and their new Total Protection cases.

Total Protection Case for iPhone 14 Series, AirPods Pro (3rd Gen) Apple Watch and Apple AirTags. These cases are 5x more waterproof than other leading brands, can survive drops up to 65% higher than other brands and have highly responsive screens and buttons for working with 5G phones. The Total Protection cases start at $89.99 for iPhone 14 series, $49.99 for AirPods Pro (3rd Gen), $74.99 for Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 and $34.99 for AirTags. Available for Pre-order on company site.

Catalyst makes cases for Airpods and Apple Watches.GearBrain

Catalyst also has a new line of drop proof cases, Impact Protection Case, which can protect your smartphone if dropped up to 9.9 feet. These cases are strong, lightweight, come with microSD/IM/Tool holder and are wireless charging compatible. They are easy to install and are available for Samsung Galaxy S20 series, S10 Series, S9 Series, Note 9 Series, iPad 9.7 (5th, 6th Gen), iPhone (SE, 8 Series, X/XR/XS series, 7 Series, iPhone 11 Series). Apple Watch (2 Series, 3 Series, SE) and Pixel 4A. These cases start around $33 and are available on Amazon and the company website.

If you own a Samsung or Google Pixel smartphone, Catalyst offers Impact Protection cases for Galaxy S10/S9 Plus, Google Pixel. They also have a waterproof and drop proof case for Beats Studio Buds for only $29.99.

Otterbox Defender Series Screenless EditionAmazon

OtterBox is a manufacturer of smartphone and smartwatch cases. They also make MagSafe accessories, like wireless chargers, cables, car charging kits as well as cases for your Xbox controller and iPhone screen protectors. They offer a very large selection of smartphone cases. You can easily find a smartphone case for iPhones (SE – 2nd & 3rd Gen, 12 Series, 13 Series, 14 Series), Galaxy S20-22 series, Google Pixel (6 & 7 Series) Motorola (Edge, G series) and more.

A popular line with OtterBox is their LifeProof line of smart cases. (The company purchased the LifeProof line in 2013.). These cases are known for their waterproof features. The cases are made of recycled plastic and can help protect your smartphones from water damage and more. If you are active outdoors and want a good smartphone case for the beach or pool, LifeProof is the case you would want to have on your smartphone. Since this case seals your smartphone, it can easily protect it from dust, dirt and even be underwater up to 2 meters for one hour. These cases are not cheap. Start around $89.99 but are very durable.

iPhone 13 Pro Case for MagSafeLifeProof NËXT caseOtterbox

Their Defender Series is another popular brand and are available for iPhone 14 and comes with a multi-layer construction to help protect your smartphone from drops, dirt and any accidental bumps. It works with Qi charging and is MagSafe compatible. It comes with a holster so you can clip it onto a bag as well as a hands-free kickstand.

OtterBox cases start around $39.95 and can go up to $89.99 for a LifeProof case. They are available on the company website and Amazon.

Mkeke, Best iPhone Cases for the Price

Mkeke Shockproof Slim Case for iPhone 13.GearBrain

If looking for a good smartphone case for our iPhone, Mkeke is another good manufacturer of smartphone cases to consider. They specialize in designing iPhone cases and accessories. Their best sellers on Amazon are the Mkeke iPhone 13 clear case and iPhone 11 screen protector.

The product line of smartphone cases from Mkeke consist of three types of iPhone cases: clear, gradient and magnetic. All these smartphone cases are made of the same material (TPU and PC) and use the same protective design. They also come with shockproof that offers military protection. So, if you want just a clear case or a colored case with prominent protection, Mkeke has one for your iPhone. If you have an Android, we are sorry to report the company doesn’t make cases for your smartphone.

The Mkeke case we like the best is their magnetic case. It’s compatible with magnetic chargers with Qi certification and many car mounts. And magnetic chargers help charge your smartphones faster than traditional chargers.

Mkeke cases are available on Amazon and range from $10 to $30 but are currently on for less.

So be smart and make sure you get a good reliable case to protect one of the larger investments you have made to live a connected life. You don't want your smartphone damaged because you had no case or had a cheap case that didn't survive the fall when you were running outside to catch that train.

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